Anesthetics and intensive care

Executive: Prim. Priv.-Prof. Dr. Michael Zink, D.E.A.A.


The medicine-related offer

  • Performing the anaesthetics
  • Clarification of health condition before performing the anaesthetics
  • Patient care after the operation in the wake up ward
  • Care of the intensive care patients of the house
  • Pain therapy
General surgery

Executive: Prim. Dr. Wolfgang Smetanig


The surgical service offer includes the following

  • Minimal invasive surgery (= Button hole surgery)
  • Scar-free operations – SILS = Single incision laparoscopic surgery
  • Stomach surgery
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Vein operations, varices surgery
  • Rectum diseases
  • Endoscopy (gastrointestinal endoscopy)
  • Daily surgical interventions
Internal medicine

Executive: Prim. Dr. Hans Jörg Neumann, MSc


The medicine-related offer

With its 86 beds the internal department is the largest section of the hospital of the Order of Saint Elizabeth. We deal with every field of internal medicine, partly in close cooperation with external specialists and LKH Klagenfurt. In our special fields osteoporosis, rheumatic illnesses (new antibody treatment) and in gastroenterology, we are currently taking part in a series of international studies. A recently established cutting-edge endoscopy allows for quick and comfortable examinations, and it received the certificate for “gentle gastrointestinal endoscopy”.


Further special fields

  • Decrease of bone mass (osteoporosis)
  • Help with fragile bones all the way to the re-construction of the bone tissues
  • Gastrointestinal illnesses (gastroenterology)
  • Diagnosis and treatment with the most up-to-date endoscopy equipment
  • Metabolic illnesses (e.g. diabetes mellitus)
  • Therapy, employment and training for the in-house patients
  • Heart circulation and vessel diseases
  • Treatment for infarcts, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia
  • Lactose and fructose intolerance
  • Clarification of nutritional intolerance
  • Circulatory diseases
Acute geriatrics/Remobilisation

Executive: Senior physician Dr. Walter Müller, MSc


The medicine-related offer

During an exhaustive examination (geriatric assessment) the shortcomings as well as the existing abilities are accurately analyzed. Based on these findings the personal treatment objectives and an individual therapy plan are outlined. The success of the therapy is monitored in weekly stages, and the treatment programme is modified accordingly. The patients are prepared for independent coping with everyday life with the help of consequently executed individual and group therapy. A permanent confidant (patient-centered) accompanies patients with loving attention from the admission until dismissal. The department is absolutely adapted to the needs of the disabled. Personal wishes and individual claims are taken very seriously, maintaining close contact with relatives is an important aspect.


Diagnosis focus of geriatrics

  • Trauma implications (e.g. after the fracture of the neck of the femur )
  • Condition after joint replacement
  • Pain syndromes of different origin
  • Degenerative changes of the backbone
  • Arthrosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke
  • Morbus Parkinson
  • Dementia of different origin
  • Falling events
  • Amentia
  • Depression
  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac arrythmias
  • Immobilisation syndrome
  • Diabetes mellitus, etc.
Orthopedics and orthopedic surgery

Executive: Prim. Dr. Manfred Kuschnig


Our medical offer

MD Dr. Manfred Kuschnig is also the medical director of the General public hospital of the Order of Saint Elisabeth, as well as one of the most distinguished physicians in the field of orthopedics. Under his management the orthopedics department of the hospital takes care of nearly 1,300 ambulant patients in 28 beds each year, and more than 1,000 operations are performed. The interdisciplinary cooperation within the framework of the Centre for the musculoskeletal system ensures an interdisciplinary and holistic treatment of our patients.


We are experts in

  • Endoprosthesis (artificial joints) of the big and small joints (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle joint, hand joint, finger and toe joints), change operations of loosened or distressed endoprostheses with special endoprostheses
  • Joint preservative surgery axis correction, synovectomy, joint correction
  • Arthroscopic surgery (button hole surgery) on knee (meniscus surgery, cruciate ligament surgery, cartilage surgery), shoulder, ankle joint, hand joint, hip
  • Cartilage replacement operations, mosaic surgery, microfracturing, in special cases cartilage transplantations
  • Rheumatic surgery in close cooperation with the rheumatic team of the internal department of the hospital of the Order of Saint Elisabeth within the framework of the Centre for the musculoskeletal system and with the nuclear medicine department of the LKH, for example radiosynoviortheses, scintigraphy, etc.
  • Special foot surgery (hallux valgus/rigidus, hammer toe, splayfoot operations, surgery of the ankle joints, position correction also on the heel)
  • Hand surgery especially within the framework of rheumatic surgery with implantation of artificial joints, as well as position correction and joint preserving operations, OP at rhizarthrosis (abrasion of the carpometacarpal joint), sinew problems and so on.
  • Surgery of peripheral nerves (impingement syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Morton’s neuroma etc.) Operations for nerve injuries


Further special fields

The orthopedics department of the hospital of the Order of Saint Elisabeth owns special equipment for the application of computer-controlled joint surgery, as well as a highly aseptic bone OP and its own bone bank (ÖBIG compliant) for bone replacement operations at loosening endoprotheses or operation of bone cysts.

  • Conservative therapy upon joint and backbone diseases, e.g. spinal disc damages, inflammatory joint diseases, as well as connective and supporting tissue diseases
  • Application of traditional Chinese medical techniques, especially acupuncture
  • Orthopaedic pain therapy with CT-targeted blockages, neural therapy in cooperation with the anaesthetics department and the X-ray institute
Centre for the musculoskeletal system
In addition to the existing departments a special focus is laid on the Centre for the diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which was founded in 2004. This interdisciplinary competence centre offers an excellent comprehensive care from diagnostics and therapy for the diseases of the musculoskeletal system to the prevention of rheumatic complaints.
Radiology and computed axial tomography

Executive: Prim. Dr. Heinz Lackner, MSc


Our medical offer

We provide preliminary examinations, relevant documentation and the control of healing successes for every department of the house. This way we facilitate quick and efficient diagnostics and create a basis for a targeted treatment. Annually we perform approximately 12,000 examinations based on every conventional radiological method.

We are particularly specialized in the field of skeleton radiology and sonography. Our modern spiral computer tomography allows for quick and precise diagnostics, also in the event of complicated diagnostic questions. It is used interdisciplinarily, for example also for precise blockage in pain therapy.

Magnetic resonance examinations are performed in close cooperation with the MR-CT diagnosis institute “colorful glass tower”, as well as with UKH and LKH.


Our versatile methods

  • Every conventional X-ray examination incl. breast examinations
  • Computer tomographic examinations with quick data acquisition, multiple reconstructions and 3D-demonstrations of different body parts
  • Conventional sonography incl. colour-coded duplex sonography as well as all small part examinations
  • Angiographic examination of the pelvis, foot arteries and veins with the help of contrast agents
  • Bone thickness measurement during the treatment of bone atrophy (osteoporosis)




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